Impact Team

Transform to Perform ( Test)


With a growing number of Christian Professionals with demonstrated willingness to contribute knowledge, skills and resources in pursuit  of the greater good, African Christian Fellowship USA is uniquely Positioned for Great Impact. 

THE IMPACT TEAM INITIATIVE is a multi-pronged plan designed to establish a structured and intentional process towards a sustained outcome-based impact. 

The interest form to join impact teams can be found here.


Impact Teams



Affinity Groups & Communities of Practice (AGCP)

The AGCP team will assist with establishing and creating visibility for member networks within ACF, namely Affinity Groups (based on life stages) and Communities of Practice (based on career and professional interests).

This impact team will develop and implement strategies that empower ACF members in forming these networks in a way that is sustainable and will also build capacity for impacting the continent of Africa.


Resource Toolkits

The resource team will work on establishing toolkits that are beneficial to ACF membership as highlighted through conversations during the 2021 national conference (related to missions, aging, health, wealth, business, etc).

This impact team will coordinate membership engagement to create the toolkits and manage implementation plans that integrate the developed resources into membership communication platforms.


Membership Connectedness 

The membership connectedness team will identify and implement ways to develop platforms within ACF that increase visibility of who and what is happening within the organization.

This impact team will create frameworks that ensure the existence of updated membership information and provide easy-to-access highlights of what individuals, families or their businesses are doing to impact the continent of Africa.


Policy & Legislative Advocacy (PLA)

The PLA team will facilitate the creation of platforms within ACF and access points with vetted partners in positioning the organization as a formidable force in impacting Africa.

This impact team will identify, develop and highlight resources that enable members to participate in advocacy efforts through United States of America (USA) legislative frameworks and directly in African Countries.


Intergenerational & intercultural Inclusivity

(triple ‘I’)

The triple ‘I’ team will lead efforts across the organization to adapt frameworks that ensure engagement of membership across ages, gender and nationalities that constitute Africa.

This impact team will organize activities across ACF levels and leadership to aid inclusion and create leadership pipelines that better position ACF to impact Africa.

Comprehensive descriptions can be found here.

The interest form to join impact teams can be found here.