• COVID-19 Response

    Beloved: “We wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth“. 3 John 1:2

    As the world battles the challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19) this remains our prayer for you as iindividuals, and for all the people that God has placed under your care. We are confident that this too will pass but in the meantime the African Christian Fellowship USA wishes to remind everyone that there are some basic things we can do to avoid or minimize infection. For details please visit either the World Health Organization website (, or the Centers for Disease Control website (

    Here are a few basic steps you can take:

    Practice good hygiene
    1. Stop handshaking –use other non-contact methods of greeting such as waves or air high fives
    2. Clean hands at the door and send regular hand washing reminders by email
    3. Create habits and reminders to avoid touching faces and cover coughs and sneezes
    4. Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks and handrails regularly
    5. Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning

    Be careful with meetings and travel
    1. Use video/tele conferencing for meetings when possible
    2. Most states have issued strict guidelines. Follow them.

    Handle food carefully
    1. Limit food sharing
    2. Ensure that you practice strict hygiene in handling food

    Stay home if…
    1. You are feeling sick
    2. You have a sick family member at home.
    3. Your governor or local authority requires you to stay home. Even if not required it may be in our collective best interest.

    Stand in the gap in Prayer

    1. Thank God for His sovereignty, power, and love.
    He rules over the affairs of man and remains in absolute control.
    He is All-knowing about the past, the present, and the future and nothing can surprise Him.
    He is Alpha and Omega and knows the end of this period from its beginning.
    Be assured and confident about whom we approach in prayer.
    2. With humility ask for forgiveness of our sins -
    Our personal sins of omission and commission,
    Sins of our families and nations, and yes,
    Sins of the Church.
    3. Ask for mercy in this great time of need.
    Pray for the recovery and complete healing for all afflicted with all manner of diseases and the pestilence of COVID-19.
    God is merciful and full of compassion and loving kindness. His blood still avails to heal.
    4. Pray for comfort for the bereaved. You May or May not be personally affected in your immediate or extended families,
    but as believers, we are compassionately concerned about others- the dying and the bereaved across the world
    in Italy, France, African countries, and here in the U.S..
    5. Pray for the Peace of Christ to reign in our hearts and minds. This is the time to live out our creeds and beliefs.
    Pray for peace for all who are incapacitated by fear. Pray for the well being of everyone - young, babies, old -that we continue to thrive wherever God has placed us, families, marriage, career.
    6. Pray for people who are distressed by losses in stock market, depressed by isolation, loss of income, etc and worried about the future.
    Pray to our God who is the Restorer of all that is lost, the Restorer of what the cankerworms have eaten. May He restore what has been lost in retirement funds, etc.
    For The Church of Christ.
    7. Pray that this will be a time of repentance, reflection, total healing and growth in our faith.
    Pray that the church will draw closer to God.
    Pray that the Church will be the Light that men see in these dark times in order to win souls.
    Pray that unbelievers will seek and find God in these precarious times.
    Pray that this will turn into a time of great harvest of souls.
    For the Nations of the World
    8. All nations have sinned and turned away from God. If we will humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, the Lord promises to heal our lands. We call on Jesus, the Governor and Desire of Nations. Pray that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.
    Pray also for the peace of Jerusalem and of Israel.
    9. Pray for repentance and wisdom for the leaders of nation states and all governmental authorities. Nebuchadnezzar was brought to his knees and worshipped God.
    The current situation has leveled the pride of many leaders, the greed of others, the wickedness of many, and the godlessness of others. Trouble has visited super powers and small powers alike- leaders in Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, U.K, Iran, U.S, France, etc. Yet, the kings' hearts are in God's hands. Pray that their hearts be transformed, and they are convicted to do justice for their people, the poor, widows, children separated from families, etc.
    10. By the power in the Blood of Jesus and the authority granted us, pray to cast out the evil spirit of the Corona virus, this evil pestilence.
    We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities.
    11. What we bind here is bound in heaven. Pray an agreement prayer that will confound the wise and bring this plague to a sudden end, not because man brags about it but because of our effectual and fervent prayers. We ask and we shall receive.
    12. Let us believe God for continued protection as this crisis comes to an end. Pray for Protection for all God's children that we remain in Goshen.
    Pray especially for those in the Health care ministry, and all others in the proverbial frontlines.
    The blessings of the Lord maketh rich, and added no sorrow. They will know no sorrow because of their blessing to serve in healthcare, and other capacities. Amen.
    13. We know who holds the future. In this world, we will have tribulations but we have already overcome the world.
    Pray that we and our children will be protected by God's everlasting love.


ACF USA Vision

ACF shall be a thriving Christian Community that models integrity, excellence, and compassion to mobilize and empower Africans worldwide to impact their generation and Africa.

Thank You!