• Dear ACF USA Community

    As you are aware, the country is presently being rocked by demonstrations following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota while he was in police custody. No doubt the graphic video showing George Floyd in agony and distress, pleading for air to the point of calling for his late mother, justifiably arouses anger and rage at the system that permits different treatment of some human beings merely because of the color of their skin. Like me, you may have reasonably felt anger and outrage at the death of George Floyd and at the unnecessary and unjustifiable killing of Black men and women that has gone on for many generations. We are after all “Black people” and there is no difference between us and our African American brethren. More importantly, we are Christians—people that pray and seek a righteous society where everyone is treated equally without regard to race or creed. Therefore, the leadership of ACF USA supports all those peacefully standing and advocating for a race-neutral society and against the system of racism and oppression against Blacks and mankind in general.

    ACF USA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; therefore, we may not engage in lobbying and/or political activities. However, our members are free individually to express themselves by peaceful means and we encourage everyone to do so. In addition, because we are a Christian organization, we encourage all our members to endeavor to pray for George Floyd’s family and the families of other people that have unnecessarily suffered death. We should not cease to pray for a better society. But we should also be careful to not allow the anger and outrage that we feel to lead us to hate any group of people. Racism is a spirit and we as spiritual people must battle against it spiritually.

    Let us pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of men and women to see the evil in their ways and forsake it. Let us pray that the Lord will give us hearts that respect the lives of everyone in society.

    Jasper J. Nzedu
    ACF USA National Board Chairman


ACF USA Vision

ACF shall be a thriving Christian Community that models integrity, excellence, and compassion to mobilize and empower Africans worldwide to impact their generation and Africa.

Thank You!