• Post Conference Next Steps


    Now that the 2021 National Conference is over we begin the task of implementing all the exciting concepts discussed at the conference. Our conference theme was "A Community Making Great Impact", and indeed the African Christian Fellowship is rightly positioned for great impact. We are working on a multi-pronged implementation plan under the continued and masterful leadership of Mrs. Adura Babade (Née Lasode). The plan/strategy which will be rolled out starting in the first quarter of 2022 will include the following concepts:

    1. Communities of Practice also known as Professional Network Teams beginning with the following five key groups:
    • Medical Practice (Doctors/Nurses/Pharmacists)
    • Engineering, Science and Information Technology
    • Business/Entrepreneurship
    • Higher Education & Training
    • Gospel Ministers/Ministries
    2. Training and sensitization programs targeting areas of felt needs and/or affinity such as:
    • Preparing/transitioning into retirement;
    • Recently married and/or young parents;
    • Christian Singles;
    • Preparing for and excelling in College;
    • Investments and Asset Management;
    • Intergenerational Wealth;
    • Physical and Mental Health;
    3. Guidance and Platforms for members to learn about and/or participate in civic engagement/advocacy in the United States and in Africa.

    We are now recruiting an Impact Team to work with Adura in developing these plans/strategies. If you are interested in participating, or have ideas to share, please contact us at or

    Let's make an impact TOGETHER!!!


ACF USA Vision

ACF shall be a thriving Christian Community that models integrity, excellence, and compassion to mobilize and empower Africans worldwide to impact their generation and Africa.

Thank You!