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    Since 1998, ACF East Region has conducted missions trips to Uganda as well as the Republic of Benin. ACF conducts medical outreach programs in which over 2,000 Ugandans have benefited from medical treatment and counseling. With the help of members and partners, ACF East Region raised money and resources to build a medical clinic in Kigarama (Fort Portal District of Uganda), which opened in 2013. The construction of a second clinic in Kumi District is nearing completion. ACF sponsors orphaned children and their education at the Primary, Secondary, Technical School and University levels. Graduates are able to receive small loans to help start small businesses. The organization also trains pastors and provides counseling, especially for sponsored young adults on life issues.

    Beginning in 2009, the African Christian Fellowship in Uganda has kept a blog that highlights what God has been doing through ACF in the Pearl of Africa. This blog will provide insight into the conditions that many people in Uganda are currently facing, as well as some of the programs that ACF is conducting to meet the needs of the people. Some of the team members who have been on the field have shared some of their unforgettable experiences. Henry Katangole, President of ACF Uganda, has compiled a summary of the 2015 Summer Missions program.

    We hope that reading through this blog will inspire you to become more involved in missions work. Access the blog here:

    Emeka Mbawuike


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