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The ACF Youth Conference ignited a wave of change and empowerment in Sierra Leone. Day by day, the impact unfolded, beginning with 150 energetic youths and culminating in a vibrant assembly of 200, commemorating Africa Day and launching 22 new ACF chapters across six regions.

Transitioning seamlessly from celebration to service, the team embarked on a week-long medical outreach. Statistics reveal the depth of their commitment: 981 patients received care, including 238 who received crucial eye care and glasses, and 78 dental cases addressed. Lives transformed through 627 new converts and 21 surgeries, including vision-saving cataract procedures.

From Samuel Town to remote villages like Seneya and Makoi, each day brought forth compassion and care. The team's journey was marked by impactful moments—visits to schools, distribution of school supplies, and provision of 857 Bibles, spreading light beyond medical aid.

Their generosity knew no bounds. 200 Bibles were gifted to conference attendees, accompanied by ACF-branded items and 500 ACF West Africa Handbooks, enriching lives and spreading knowledge.

The ACF South Region's tireless dedication resonates profoundly, a testament to their unwavering commitment to West Africa's well-being. Their journey isn't just about numbers—it's a symphony of compassion, transformation, and hope.