• US democracy on the brink?

    ACF National Team,January 07, 2021 Comment(0)
    Many of us watched with amazement the events that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6th. Congressmen and -women gathered to certify the presidential election results scampered to safety while Capitol police were overrun by a large mob in an apparent insurrection whipped up by men and women in positions of authority. I want to acknowledge the trauma felt by many around the country, especially our young people who have so much hope for our nation.

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  • Back to School Safety Tip

    ACF National Team,August 21, 2020 Comment(0)
    ACF held a special event Back to School In times of COVID-19 to prepare parents for the new academic year. The session included a panel of ACF members with expertise in education and pediatric medicine. The panelists discussed a variety of topics, including steps to ensure your children can return to school as safely as possible this fall, strategies to effectively advocate for children at school, and materials that will be helpful in the effort to keep your family safe.

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  • Leadership Skills Training

    ACF National Team,August 25, 2020 Comment(0)
    ACF Leadership Skills Training is a key item on our “ACF Winning the Future” tool box. Our goal is to drive improvements in leadership effectiveness and operational efficiencies by employing the tool of systemic and systematic skills training.

    The initial plan was to set up regional training centers in proximity to chapters, but that plan had to be set aside due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, thanks to massive improvement in video conferencing technology we have re-imagined our plan and will now deliver a series of monthly webinars beginning September 2020. In addition to the outline below other training topics will be added in due course. Long term, our goal is to develop a semester by semester outline with fully defined syllabus, curriculum and faculty.

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